Tips for Coastal Living

Blue Cottage Home Design

  • When I started designing vacation cottages, I immediately discovered that a Vacation Cottage should NOT be designed the same way as a standard home. Vacation cottages should be designed around having fun! A vacation cottage should help you relax and have peace… to be refreshed and recharge you with energy for living.
  • Everything in a vacation cottage should be fun, easy to care for and restful for people who are on vacation. Vacationers should not have to spend time washing windows, vacuuming carpets or cleaning ceramic tile baths. Materials selected to go into a vacation home should be easy to maintain, they should be weather proof, guest proof, replaceable, and they should, whenever possible, make people smile.
  • Designs in a cottage should allow for unique or unexpected features, such as round porthole windows, or ship’s ladders and built-in bunks. A wide window seat can sometimes double as an extra guests’ bunk or a special place to curl up with a good book on one of those inevitably rainy beach days.
    Time on a vacation should be spent relaxing and enjoying the vacation experience, no matter if you vacation in your cottage a week or a lifetime.

A vacation should be an experience where you form lasting memories of playing on the beach, of boating, of discovering exciting new things (even if its something new about a person), of sharing a fantastic meal, and of forming bonding relationships… a vacation cottage should help as much as possible in making the vacation experience be a treasured remembrance.

Most of my designs share a common philosophy of being playful, exciting, inviting, and social. Some designs are basics, some are classics, some more eccentric. Take a look inside my newest portfolio to get some new ideas about beach cottage design.

Thanks again, I hope I have helped you with your own cottage design. By the way, don’t forget that a vacation’s purpose is to relax, have fun, and spend time with the people that are important to you! DO IT NOW, before it’s too late!

As someone once told me, don’t keep putting off those important dreams, or you’ll run aground on “someday Isle.” “Someday I’ll have a place at the beach, someday I’ll get me a beach cottage plan, and someday I’ll talk to a builder about building my beach cottage, someday I’ll do it, yeah.” However, if you wait too long, “someday” never comes, because you keep putting it off. Don’t get marooned on Someday Isle, Do something about it today, right now! Because, when we reach the end of our life, we never look back and say, “I regret doing all the things I did.” Instead, we say “I regret not doing all those thing I really wanted to do.”

Thanks – come again… soon, and often…

Dennis K. Mercer, Architectural Designer

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