Cottage Plans

What is included:

  • Floor plans of all floors at 1⁄4″=1′-0″ scale
  • Pier or foundation plans at 1⁄4″=1′-0″ scale
  • Elevations of all 4 sides at 1⁄4″=1′-0″ scale
  • Construction details include wall framing, wall heights, pier connections, handrail details, bracing details, roof soffit and gable details, porch and deck details, and specific details specific to each cottage like cantilever braces, gable brackets and lookout tower details
  • Duplex plans also include 1-hour and 2-hour firewall details
  • Cross-sections and blow-up details are used when a specific design needs construction detailing
  • Exterior materials and finishes
  • Door and window sizes