What is not included:

  • Structural engineering services is not included. Structural engineering services, if required, shall be provided by the Owner or by Builder/General Contractor. Any floor or roof trusses shown on any plans may be engineered by the manufacturer supplying the trusses. Any beams, girders or headers shown on plans shall be checked for compliance with local building codes prior to starting construction. Owner and/or Builder shall verify all details and specifications on all sheets prior to starting construction or obtaining permits so as to avoid any delays or misunderstandings that may occur.
  • Materials lists are not included. Please contact a Builder or General Contractor for pricing and materials estimates as it relates to your plans.
  • Electrical plans are not included. It has been found that electrical codes and owner’s needs will dictate layout and number of fixtures, that must comply with local electrical codes.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Plans (HVAC) are not included. Consult a local mechanical contractor for HVAC systems designed for your local area and conditions.
  • Cabinet plans & elevations are not included.