Planning Tips: Designing & Building your Vacation Cottage

Before you select a cottage design, consider the following tips in helping you with your choices. Any good design should be based on a collection of decisions, ideas, wishes and a great deal many tradeoffs that have to be considered and weighed in order fit your family to your budget. Any successful design is one … Continue reading Planning Tips: Designing & Building your Vacation Cottage

Tips for Selecting a Cottage Plan

Selecting features for a vacation cottage is not the same as selecting features for a standard home design. Many design conventions normally associated to standard homes should be changed for vacation homes. Room sizes, room locations, number of baths, kitchen size and function, floor level arrangements, views, and maintenance features all play different relationships in … Continue reading Tips for Selecting a Cottage Plan

Tips for the Approval Process

Before you start building, you need to get your plan approved. You need to get approvals from various sources. Do you need the approval of an Architectural Review Committee, a Homeowner's Association, or a Historical Commission? It would be good to get the advice of several professionals related to the building industry in your area, … Continue reading Tips for the Approval Process

Tips for Coastal Living

When I started designing vacation cottages, I immediately discovered that a Vacation Cottage should NOT be designed the same way as a standard home. Vacation cottages should be designed around having fun! A vacation cottage should help you relax and have peace... to be refreshed and recharge you with energy for living. Everything in a … Continue reading Tips for Coastal Living

Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on the hurricane seasons

With the approach of the hurricane season and the strong potential for El Niño to develop during the next few months, the effect that El Niño has on both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricanes seasons is worth exploring. The hurricane impacts of El Niño and its counterpart La Niña are like a see-saw between the … Continue reading Impacts of El Niño and La Niña on the hurricane seasons

3 Must-Haves For Hurricane-Proof Designs

1- Durable Roofing:A TPO membrane from provides strong resistance to tears, punctures, and impact damage. Installed over waterproof plywood sheathing, the white material also reflects sunlight to help keep the house cool.2- Strong Framing:Laminated veneer lumber (LVLs) featuring cross graining and engineered layers provides superior strength and less waste.3- Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors:Impact-resistant windows and … Continue reading 3 Must-Haves For Hurricane-Proof Designs

Use Plenum Trusses To Keep Ducts Out of Your Attic: If you want to do something really stupid with the ducts for a heating and air conditioning system, put them in an unconditioned attic.In cold climates, designers, builders, and contractors know this and, for the most part, avoid it. They also have basements as an … Continue reading

See-through fireplaces boost design options Versatile indoor/outdoor propane fireplaces capitalize on the outdoor living trend while sealing out fluctuating weather conditions. This is a really great way to get the fireplace on an outside viewing wall without blocking the view! Really great on Ocean-Front or Water-Side cottages! See-through fireplaces boost design options