Generally, building a house requires many sets of plans going to various people and/or agencies. Check before ordering.

Include copies of plans for each of the following:

  • Owner (for records & review) — 1 unchanged, 1 marked up for “as-built”
  • Home owner’s Association or Architectural Review — 1 to 2
  • Mortgage Banker / Broker — 1
  • Appraiser — 1
  • Building Permit Office — 1 to 2 normally (usually one is returned after the permit is issued)
  • Builder / General Contractor — 2 to 4 for construction and subcontractors

If you give out plans for bid pricing, normally plans should be returned with the bid, requiring a deposit sometimes helps. Order all the sets of plans you need at the same time, orders placed for plans later will be charged at the minimum fee of five (5) sets. If you plan on building a plan more than once, ask for reproducibles that come with a re-use fee, otherwise, you will be limited to building a plan only once. All plans have federal copyrights at the time of publication, anyone found violating a copyright will be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by law, see Copyright Notice.